Below you will find the listings of frequently asked product questions, however, if you want to search through our questions that have been asked and answered by our team of professionals, view our Questions and Answers portal.

Are f-stop packs waterproof?

Our backpacks are weather resistant, not waterproof which indicates protection from submersion. They can be exposed to a light rain or snow for a short amount of time, however using a Rain Cover that will add more protection.

Are f-stop inserts waterproof?

Inserts are weather-resistant, not waterproof. The insert provides padded protection and organization while carrying inside the pack or in storage. It’s not intended to be carried long-term as a stand-alone solution.

What’s the difference between Ultralight (UL), Mountain Series, and DuraDiamond®️?

f-stop Ultralight (UL) packs are more compact than Mountain Series packs and offer a solution when nimble will be important. These camera packs are designed for camera gear and kits that are not very heavy, up to 7kg/15 lb., because they do not have heavily padded shoulder harnesses are made of ripstop nylon covered with 120 DWR coating, while the Mountain series have a 420 DWR coating. The UL series are designed for shorter day trips and weather conditions that are not very harsh, while the Mountain Series can be used for longer trips and can be exposed to light rain for a small amount of time. The UL packs are meant for a camera gear that is not very heavy, up to 7kg/15 lb. The biggest ICU that is recommended for the UL packs is the medium sized one, because of weight limitations. Both series have a harness system that is designed to help you better distribute the weight on your shoulders and waist. The 3 biggest packs from the mountain Series have extra padded shoulder straps that ease the weight on your shoulders. They also have an internal multipurpose sleeve that can fit up to 17’’ laptop, while the rest of the packs can fit a 15’’ laptop.

What’s the maximum weight supported for each pack?

The maximum comfort carry weight varies between packs as follows:

UL Series:

  • Guru UL/Kashmir UL – 5-6kg (11-12 lbs)
  • Loka UL – 7kg (15 lbs)

Mountain Series:

  • Lotus 10kg (22lbs)
  • Ajna 12-15kg (26-33lbs)
  • Tilopa 12-15kg (26-33lbs)
  • Sukha 15-18kg (33-39lbs)
  • Shinn 18-20kg (39-44lbs)

Does the listed pack volume include only the main compartment, or does it include all the side pockets and outer compartments?

The listed measured volume includes all exterior pockets and compartments.

Do you have a pack designed for taller people?

We do not design packs specifically for taller people however all our packs from the Mountain and UL series can be adjusted to fit any body build, size and physique.

What can be attached on the MOLLE system of the packs?

MOLLE (modular light-weight load-carrying equipment) is a universal attachment system compatible with thousands of accessories, including the f-stop Mano bottle holder, Lens Barrels or the Navin Pouch.

What is the difference between Slope and Shallow Inserts?

Shallow inserts have a uniform external depth of 5’’/12.7 cm throughout. The Slope insert bottom depth extends on the deeper side to 7’’/17.8cm making it suitable for gripped camera configurations.

Which rain cover should I buy?

The size of the rain cover depends of the backpack that you are using. Small Rain Cover fits the Guru UL. Large Rain Cover fits the Kashmir UL, Loka UL, Lotus, Ajna, Tilopa, Sukha, and Shinn.

How do I attach the Navin to my pack?

The Navin can be used as a chest-carry rig by connecting two pairs of Gatekeeper straps (one pair attached to the top part of the pack, around the shoulder straps and the other pair should be attached to the bottom of the sides of the pack) Alternatively the Navin can be attached on the hip belt using the MOLLE system.

Where can I place a hydration bladder?

Our UL and Mountain Series packs can fit a hydration bladder into the main compartment’s drop in multi-purpose sleeve, with the drinking hose routed through the H20 port.

Do f-stop packs fit avalanche shovels or full avalanche gear in them?

The front vertical pockets on the Mountain Series and DuraDiamond®️ packs are sized to fit a folding avalanche shovel, transceiver, and folding probe.

Does f-stop offer an avalanche airbag or compatibility with third party products?

At this time we have no plans to introduce an avalanche airbag and cannot guarantee compatibility with third party products.

Is an f-stop drone bag available?

While we do not offer dedicated drone bags at this time, most of our camera bag inserts can accommodate a drone depending on size. Ex: The DJI Phantom fits in the Cine Master. We also have a variety of carry pouches that accommodate compact collapsible drones.

Can I use an insert with the Dalston pack?

The Dalston is part of our Urban Series which includes a removeable padded camera compartment. Select small size inserts can be carried inside the Dalston, however is not compatible for gear accessibility.

Can I carry a laptop inside the backpack?

Laptops or devices up to 15’’ (or 16” MacBook Pro) can be carried in the main compartment of all f-stop packs, placing behind the insert facing the front of the pack.

The Shinn, Sukha, and Tilopa packs include a padded drop-in multipurpose sleeve, and the Tilopa DuraDiamond®️ and Shinn DuraDiamond®️ packs include padded drop-in sleeve on the back panel organizer.

For additional protection we also offer laptop carry cases available through our Accessories shop. (

Will a tripod fit inside the bag?

The collapsed tripod size will determine whether it can be carried in or outside of the pack. Compact tripods can fit inside the main compartment laid across the insert or stored in side zipper pockets. Standard and larger size tripods are carried on the outside of the pack, attached to either side or center of pack using Gatekeeper straps. Enhanced tripod carry is available using our Tripod Bags purchased separately through our Accessories shop. (

Can I attach camping gear to my bag?

Yes, you can. A tent or a sleeping bag can be attached on the bottom or top of the pack, using Gatekeeper straps to secure. Alternatively, the front straps and side compression straps can be used to attach a variety of equipment on the packs.

What is the “Nine Iron” mentioned in the Rain Cover description?

“Nine Iron” is the color name for the Rain Cover. It is a deep steel grey tone.

Is the Tilopa a carry-on friendly backpack?

Many of our customers have successfully used the Tilopa as a carry-on, however the results will vary depending on the airline, plane size, and how full it’s packed. As always, the loaded insert can be removed from the pack and hand carried if the airline requires the pack to be checked in.

Is the Dalston pack available in Navy Blue color?

The Dalston Navy Blue color was discontinued as part of product evolution. The Dalston is still available in Aloe Green and Nasturtium Orange colors.

Is the Red Bull Ajna pack still available?

The Red Bull Ajna was a limited-edition backpack and no longer available for purchase.

Is the Satori EXP pack still available?

The 62L Satori EXP was discontinued in 2015 and succeeded by the 70L Sukha pack.

Is the Malibu Blue color available?

The Malibu Blue color was discontinued as part of product evolution and no longer available.

Is the Large Slope and Large Shallow Insert available?

The Large Slope and Large Shallow inserts were discontinued as part of product evolution and no longer available for purchase. The Pro Large Insert is currently available for this size range.

Does f-stop offer a top loading insert?

Currently the Cine Master is the only insert with top through access and is compatible only in the Shinn backpack. For hybrid top loading solutions visit our Tips and Tricks (