Product Care, Returns and Warranty

What’s the purpose of the hole on the front pocket of my pack?

The front pocket weep hole is a drainage feature to divert liquid away and outside your pack in case of a spill.

How do I clean my pack?

Cleaning and care instructions are available through the following link (

I lost my sternum strap, what can I do?

If your sternum strap is missing, please reach out via Live Chat to arrange a replacement.

How do I reattach a loose chest (sternum) strap?

Refer to our YouTube video short ( for reattaching the sternum strap to UL + Classic Mountain Series packs.

How to re-insert the aluminum frame inside of the pack?

Refer to our YouTube video short ( for re-inserting the aluminum frame into the pack.

Can I buy additional insert dividers or pack parts?

Please reach out via Live Chat with the requested dividers or parts, including your product detail and shipping detail.

A buckle on my pack broke, what do I do?

While our warranty does not cover broken buckles, we can send you a replacement for self-repair if available. Please relay your order number and images of the damaged buckle through Live Chat so we can arrange a replacement part to be provided.

Where can I repair my f-stop bag?

f-stop would like to offer functional repairs on any of our gear, however solutions may vary for each circumstance. Reach out via Live Chat or the Support form, and provide your order number, product issue, and supporting images to help us find a suitable solution.

What is the warranty policy when purchasing from retailer?

Our official retailers are instructed to handle the warranty procedures. Please reach out to the retailer from where you have purchased the pack and ask them to guide you through the process. If they are not willing to co-operate with you, please provide us with the correspondence, photos from the damage and a proof of purchase. We will take over from there.

What’s the return policy for f-stop product purchased on Amazon?

Purchases made through our official Amazon e-store are applied the same 45-day satisfaction guarantee, however return requests must be initiated through your Amazon account.

What’s the return policy for f-stop product purchased from a retailer?

Returns, exchanges, and warranty requests should be directed to the retailer which originally sold the product. If there are issues receiving a resolution from an authorized retailer, please reach out via Live Chat and include correspondence, proof of purchase if available, and photos of the product.