Your packs are more expensive than many others on the market. Why should I pay more than similar less expensive products?

When balancing long term value and quality, f-stop is not much more expensive than entry level products selling to the same kind of customers. This is especially true when factoring in our modular design that allows a customized carry solution based on your needs, and bundling discounts which simplify the purchasing process. With f-stop, you will be getting a product:

  • Constructed with high grade materials specifically to meet the challenges of those who demand performance without compromise.
  • Designed with thoughtful and innovative elements curated by our community of Brand Ambassadors, all of whom are photographers, participate in the design, testing, and quality control of every f-stop product.
  • One of the best warranties in the industry, with 15+ year track record of backing our customers and offering 45-day no questions asked, money back satisfaction guarantee.

When you take all of this into consideration, f-stop camera backpacks represent an amazing value and deliver a much higher return on your investment than any other camera backpack in the world.