What does modular design mean?

The f-stop system is comprised of two parts – the insert and the pack. Unlike standard camera bags which have a limited amount of storage configuration, the combination of insert and pack give our customers the greatest level of flexibility to carry the exact camera kit needed for any type of photography project. From nature, to landscape, to video, to urban or travel settings, to drone, and even adventure sports, the interchangeable camera bag inserts are also useful as standalone carry solutions on their own, with the ability to be used as carry-on pieces during air travel, or even storage organization compartments when at home.

Pack and inserts can be purchased individually or as discounted bundles in the following configurations:

  • Essentials Bundle (Includes pack, one insert, rain cover)
  • Elite Bundle (Includes pack, two camera inserts, plus a few popular accessories)
  • Master Bundle (three camera inserts, plus a selection of several useful accessories for the ultimate camera carry solution)